The Organization

Metro Vancouver Philippine Arts and Culture Exposition Society (MVPACES) presents the annual PHILIPPINE DAYS FESTIVAL event every second weekend of June as the official Filipino Canadian celebration of Philippine Arts and Cultural Heritage in British Columbia, Canada.

The Society Board is composed of six (6) founding directors, all residents of BC, with expertise in various professional fields, i.e. architectural/engineering, marketing and business development, legal, manpower training, cultural arts, music and entertainment, and community development.

Mission Statement

Metro Vancouver Philippine Arts and Culture Exposition Society (MVPACES) is committed to providing the Filipino Canadian community with meaningful activities which will serve to preserve the Filipinos’ rich cultural heritage, traditions, and the values for which they are know for and respected around the world.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a lead volunteer organization, pursuing the development of the Filipino Canadian community of British Columbia into becoming productive citizens and worthwhile contributors to the general well being of the people of Canada.

Our Goal

As the fastest growing cultural minority in the province of British Columbia, our objective is to the reach out to every Filipino Canadian by way of various events and activities that will endeavor to facilitate multicultural integration and help create an active, strong, and respected Filipino Canadian community through quality programs that are informative, educational, entertaining, and productive to the society.